Stone Techno Festival 2024 - Running Order

We're thrilled to finally share the running order for STF24!

Stone Techno Festival 2024 - Friday starts at 13:00

Friday starts at 13:00 CET!

Stone Techno Festival 2024 - SOLD OUT Final Single Day Tickets

Wow! The final single day tickets are sold out.

Stone Techno Festival 2024 - Shuttle

We have shuttles for you.

The Third Room Festival 2024 - KulturPass

Stone Techno Festival 2024 - Sold Out Last Chance Combi Ticket

The combi tickets for STF24 are completely SOLD OUT!

The Third Room Festival 2024 - Group Tickets

The Third Room Festival 2024 - Intercell

We’re thrilled to have @intercell_eventsback as our floor host at the T3R Festival at Henrichshütte in Hattingen.

The Third Room Festival 2024 - Floor Host BCCO

After a blowing hot floor host debut last year from the vibrant Berlin collective @bccoberlin, they are now back for our T3R Festival at Henrichhsütte in Hattingen on Sunday, August 18th.

The Third Room Festival 2024 - Shuttle

You can now book tickets for the shuttle buses to and from the T3R Festival.

The Third Room Festival 2024 - Floor Host Laster

We are so hyped that the hottest address for techno in Madrid, Laster, will host the Coke floor at our T3R Festival Weekender on Saturday, August 17th.

Stone Techno Festival 2024 - 93% SOLD

93% of the tickets are SOLD OUT!

Stone Techno Festival2024 - Lockers

Pre-order your locker at this year’s Stone Techno Festival.

Stone Techno Festival 2024 - Resale Shop

You’ve been waiting for it and here it is: our resale store for STF24 is online!

Stone Techno Festival 2024 - Mala Yunta Floor Host

We are incredibly honoured to have Mala Junta as our floor host for the Werksschwimmbad at this year's Stone Techno Festival on July 14th!

Stone Techno Festival 2024 - Mama Told Ya Floor Host

The crew from the influential record label Mama Told Ya is coming for the first time to Essen to host the Kokerei floor at Stone Techno Festival!

Stone Techno Festival 2024 - Vault Sessions Floor Host

After already hosting the Werksschwimmbad at last year's Stone Techno Festival, our Dutch friends from Vault Sessions are returning for a second round two at UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein.

Stone Techno Festival 2024 - Fuse Floor Host

We are extremely thrilled to welcome our Belgium friends from Fuse, one of Europe's finest and most historically significant techno institutions.

T3R Club Tour 24 x TheGate

Our club tour has just begun and we're continuing straight ahead, eagerly anticipating our stop at TheGate on April 30th 2024.

The Third Room Festival 2024 | Full line-up

The full line-up for our The Third Room Festival 2024 is out!

T3R Club Tour 24 x Galerie Kurzweil

We can’t wait for our second stop on our club tour at @galeriekurzweil in Darmstadt on March 16th.