T3R VA Series 03

  • A1. Anastasia Kristensen & CTRLS  – Superstretch
  • A2. UFO95 – Dijon
  • B1. Nadia Struiwigh – OTF H97
  • B2. Jayat – Melting Patterns

The next space probe and the third of four releases from our VA Series is currently traversing The Third Room universe en route to the new world. On board, it carries various sonic relics — timeless and fascinating, much like the vastness of space itself.

Featuring four exceptional tracks by Anastasia Kristensen & CTRLS, Jayat, Nadia Struiwigh and UFO95, this release showcases sounds from long-forgotten times in an authentic, modern context. The T3R VA Series 03 is as timeless as space and time itself, destined to explore many more worlds.

Ensure you don't miss the opportunity to order your limited copy of this part of the series and reserve a ticket for an exciting journey to a new dimension.

  • Release Date
  • 02.02.2024 exclusively via Bandcamp 
    09.02.2024 on all known stores