T3R VA Series 02

  • A1. Julian Muller  – Issa'
  • A2. Chlär – Snake Invasion
  • B1. VNNN. – No Borders
  • B2. Holden Federico – Within

Part two of our various artists series is a well narrated intergalactic journey that teleports listeners to different spheres whilst remaining in the same galaxy. The curation of forward thinking techno is tailored to those who strive transcending planet earth.

Tracks by Chlär, Holden Federico, Julian Muller and VNNN. make this release not only a unique piece of music but an energizing big room filler – acceleration and drive guaranteed. T3R VA Series 02 convinces with four euphoric and bright sound comets that claim ultimate presence and eliminate gravity.

Out on December 1st - Make sure to grab your limited copy and be ready for the next one!

  • Release Date
  • 01.12.2023 exclusively via Bandcamp 
    08.11.2023 on all known stores